Saturday, January 22, 2005

Caprice Lingerie and Celebrity Big Brother

As with most things he said, we couldn't agree with the nasty comments made by John McCririck about Caprice and her lingerie range. Whilst Mr McCririck may be right in saying that the main reason Caprice went on big brother was to gain coverage for her lingerie range, she didn't try to pretend that wasn't the case. We won't detail John's comments here, but the gist of them was that Caprice is a pretty woman, and she's got it easy, and doesn't have to try very hard in life to be successful. Well, we'd beg to differ. Caprice obviously has worked very hard to get where she is today. If she wanted to take an easy route she could have just found herself a rich husband and been a trophy wife, rather like one of the characters in Channel 4's new series Desperate Housewives. Instead she's travelled round the world doing numerous photoshoots etc, and made a name for herself.

We think John's comments were motivated by pure jealousy. The man is obviously struggling financially if he has to inflict the obvious torture on himself that was Celebrity Big Brother. Clearly he didn't like the fact that Caprice had a far higher earning capacity than him. Yet he was the one paying for himself to fly business class, whilst the high earning caprice would go economy - that's clearly the behaviour of someone who has had to work hard for their money. John only makes economies when it comes to his wife, illustrated by the fact that when he flies business, he puts her in economy.

It is true that there are advantages to being good looking, and not everyone can promote their own lingerie range. However, the thing to remember is that everyone has their own special gifts, and it's nice to see Caprice making use of hers. We're pleased to support Caprice in her lingerie endeavours, and therefore encourage you to find out more about the Caprice Lingerie range at Debenhams


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