Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Desperate Housewives

Intrigued by the title, we had to watch Channel 4's new American drama import Desperate Housewives, which airs at 10pm on Wednesdays. The series hit the ground running with the suicide of one of the housewives, Mary Alice, whose voice then narrates the unfolding action (we noticed the clever cutting from the neighbour drinking tomato juice to their discovery of the suicide). From her new vantage point, Mary now sees more than she ever did when she was alive, uncovering the real secrets in the lives of the other desperate housewives.

Of key importance to the male audience is that Teri Hatcher, aka Lois Lane from The New Adventures of Superman plays Susan Mayer, a divorcee and single mum who’ll go to exceptional lengths for love. The rest of the female leads are similarly easy on the eye (unsurprisingly enough). Needless to say we'll be watching again next week, and it's good to have such quality viewing on a Wednesday night. Oh, and it's Celebrity Big Brother tomorrow.

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