Saturday, October 15, 2005

Girls Aloud Home Truths Documentary

Yet another reason to have Freeview was the Girls Aloud Home Truths Documentary which first aired on ITV2 last Wednesday. The Girls Aloud allowed the cameras to follow them for six months, for fans to get an idea of what being in the UK's most successful girl band was like behind the concerts and CDUK appearances. The band has now sold over 2 million records, and the documentary started with Cheryl Tweedy reaping the rewards of the hard work by picking up her brand new Mercedes SLK. All the girls had stories of how they used to tell their parents "When I grow up I want to be a popstar", and were evidently thrilled to have made it. That must be one of the immense satisfactions of making a documentary like this - being able to say you actually made it!

Kimberley Walsh seemed to have her feet still firmly on the ground, telling us how she often forgot she was famous, and didn't notice people recognising her. She went back and visited Salts Restaurant in Shipley where she used to work, and also paid a visit to the dance studios where she used to be a teacher.

Sarah Harding told us when she was on stage "It's like I become possessed, it's like the old Stockport Sarah is coming out of me". All she ever wanted to do was be a singer, and she never needed to fall back on the hairdressing, which she had studied at Stockport College.

Nicola Roberts went on holiday with her family to a holiday park in Devon, as she has done for years, saying it was "Really nice to get away from everywhere else and relax".

Nadine Coyle had moved to London with her sister, and said that she had the best time of her life on Girls Aloud's first tour. However, when asked by friends to sing for them, Nadine tells us she is still too nervous to oblige.

The new Girls Aloud single, 'Biology' will be released on 14th November, and you can expect the new album in December.

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