Monday, July 31, 2006

Dennis Rodman Exits the Love Island

Dennis Rodman has decided to leave the Love Island. His decision was prompted by Paul Danan revealing Dennis's "bloke chat" to Playboy model Colleen Shannon. In typical bloke fashion Dennis had been saying to the boys exactly what he would like to do to Ms Shannon (sorry, too rude for this blog!!). Unfortunately for the former basketball star, the unpredictable Danan, in a break from the gentleman's code of conduct (never reveal bloke chat!!) told the whole house what Dennis had said in one of the Love Island games. This upset the blonde bombshell (and Marilyn Monroe clone in our opinion) that is Colleen Shannon, who only saw Rodman as a good buddy to hang out in LA with, but nothing more. Former Hollyoaks actor 'bonehead' Lee Otway took it upon himself to come to the rescue of Colleen, and ask Rodman to apologise to the lady for his comments. Rodman found this all a bit childish, and rather than lose his temper with his male rivals, decided that the best course of action was to leave the show. We applaud the Rodman for not using his unquestionable physical superiority to address what could have been argued as underhand tactics from Danan.

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