Sunday, January 14, 2007

News on Shoes from Shoes Direct

An update from on what they're up to:

We've been getting new brands online, and not just any old brands, we've done our homework and have approached some of the best searched for brands.

Timberland Shoes - Yes, the favourites of many boot wearer! We added the mens styles to Shoesdirect a little while before Christmas and they've proved very popular. We're in the process of selecting the womens styles which we'll add very soon.

Clarks Shoes - There are quite a few womens boots online, and we're running some very worthwhile discounts.

Caterpillar Boots - This is one of the newest brands added to our new "Safety Boots" section, a section dedicated to footwear used in industry (steel toecaps, acid resistant, etc).

Brasher Shoes - Another new brand recently added to our "Walking Boots" section which seems to be getting a large amount of attention lately - some say hiking is going to be "the" most popular pastime for 2007.

Orthaheel Shoes - Recently added to our "Accessories" section are these footwear inserts that correct improper posture that some people have, and get rid of various aches in legs and feet - not only that they're backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit now or find more shoe retailers at Navito's shoes page.


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