Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mary Portas Queen of Frocks in business with House of Fraser

The women's clothing sector is fiercely competitive, so it really helps business if you can get a well known and fashionable celebrity on board to get your store some more exposure. House of Fraser have made a great choice with Mary Portas, and her venture with the department store is being shown in the channel 4 series "Mary Portas Queen of Frocks". Mary has a tough challenge ahead with her vision for catering better for over 40s women, not least because the store has set her challenging retail targets. However, Mary has very strong ideas and has put her fashion reputation on the line in her bid to rejuvenate the over 40s market. Only time will tell whether she can compete with House of Fraser's current leading brand Biba, and whether Mary's fashion ideas are really what the customer wants. We've picked out three dresses from the Mary & House of Fraser range, and have to say we're impressed. Shown below is the Antonio shift dress, and you can check out the whole range for yourself at the House of Fraser site.

Mary Portas Antonio Shift Dress in blue and black


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