Friday, January 07, 2005

Celebrity Big Brother Starts

So, Celebrity Big Brother has started, which means we'll get even less work done for the next few weeks. Here's the line up:

John McCririck - Horse racing pundit, likes wearing silly hats.

Germaine Greer - Outspoken feminist, probably likes reading The Guardian, likes wearing grey by the looks of things.

Bez - In the Happy Mondays, a legendary 90s rock band, with Shaun Ryder. Bez had the monopoly on the freaky dancing.

Caprice - Model who now has her own line of lingerie.

Lisa I'Anson - Ex Radio 1 DJ, now on Radio London.

Jeremy Edwards - actor and eye candy for the ladies.

Kenzie - 19-years old on the day of the first episode, wisely stays out of politics discussions, one for the young ladies.

Brigitte Nielson - Actress, does the 80s look very well.

Early action: Bez joined Brigitte and Caprice in the hot tub. Germaine started discussion on World Politics, Caprice joined in from the hot tub - we never thought we'd see that on TV. Kenzie, looking slightly uncomfortable on his birthday celebrations, decided not to join Caprice and Brigitte in the hot tub despite their encouragement.

Visit the Channel 4 Celebrity Big Brother Site


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