Sunday, October 26, 2008

iTeddy a Dragon's Den Success Story

Tonight on BBC2 was a documentary about the business success of Theo Paphitis, who has become one of the UK's leading retail businessmen, turning around high street names such as Rymans and La Senza.

Theo's successful investments from Dragon's Den include the iTeddy, which is a teddy bear combined with a media player. You can buy the iTeddy from Low Prices UK.  Also successful were his investments in Reestore, a company which turns old shopping trolleys into designer furniture, and also makes Ben the Bin, a product which holds your old carrier bags for use as a bin.  

His investment in Water Buoy, a product which clips onto your belongings and can automatically bring them to the surface when they fall into water, could not be bought to fruition as the business owner felt he had given away too much in the Dragon's Den and decided he would rather go it alone.  The Water Buoy product has been selling very well, no doubt the Dragon's Den appearance has helped greatly.  

You can buy the Theo Paphitis autobiography, entitled Enter the Dragon, from Low Prices UK.


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