Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best deal for 32GB iPhone 4S Black

32GB iPhone 4S in BlackIf you've made the decision that you can't live without Apple's stunning new iPhone 4S in your life, and have decided that your preferred model i the 32GB iPhone 4S in black, where can you get the best deal? Well, we'd say you really want to first check out the iPhone 4S deals from Three, as traditionally they have been very competitive for new smartphones. 3 Mobile deals for the 32GB handset start with their Text 300 plan, which has a handset cost of £219 and a monthly cost of £30, on a 24 month contract. This iPhone 4S plan will give you 300 cross network minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB of monthly internet. If you need unlimited internet, then take a look at the entry level One Plan. This costs £35 a month and the cost for the 32GB iPhone 4S in black handset is £189.

A question that many iPhone 4 fans will be asking is "Should I upgrade to the iPhone 4S?" Well, if you look in detail at the 4S, you'll see that Apple have really gone to town on delivery performance improvements. A superfast new dual-core chip which handles complex computer game graphics with ease, a huge overhaul to the camera, giving it a new lens, new sensors, new processing abilities, and a brand new iOS 5 operating system which brings a host of new and cool features. It's clear that Apple have worked hard to bring a very serious challenge to other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. The best thing about Apple products is that they focus heavily on usability, and as they run a proprietary operating system, you should have a pleasant iPhone 4S user experience with new features that are easy to learn. Apple have also introduced iCloud, a move to internet stored data so that you can easily share all your favourite stuff like photos, music and documents, across all your Apple products such as the iPad 2 and iPod Touch.

For Apple fans, it looks as though the iPhone 4S is another very desirable upgrade, so check out the Three deals for all the pricing, as they have all three models, i.e. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB in both black and white, for you to order online.


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