Friday, July 29, 2005

Footless Tights!

Get the latest look with the help of our footless tights selection.

Kemal Evicted

Kemal has been evicted from the Big Brother House. Orlaith remained poker faced, with some saying she is going for Jack Dee tactics of saying how much she hates being there in the hope of being kept in.

The first thing Kemal did on hearing the news is to strip off to put on his special eviction night outfit. He looked pretty disappointed to be leaving but said that he was "so excited".

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Tights Update!

Below is an update from MyTights, on everything that's hot in the world of tights:

Everyone wants to be the leader of the fashion pack, with Gwen and Madonna leading the way you can become part of the crowd with Hide & Sleek from Spanx (the maker of "Magic Knickers") these new slips and camis keep everything under control. Only limited suppliers carry this hot new item in the UK.

Footless Fashions - Sienna Miller has been seen donning this new trend and New! Magazine recently featured our Le Bourget footless tights. We even made the new Emilio Cavallini footless leggings our August 10% Discount Hot Product.

Gio RHT Stockings - These saucy stockings were featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine last weekend.

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New Apple Mac mini Models

Apple have extended their Mac Mini range to include three models. The Mac mini is certainly a low cost computing option, with the base model costing just £359. If this will be your first computer, bear in mind though that the price does not include a monitor, keyboard or mouse, the thinking being that most people will have these already.

Apple computers have an enthusiastic following, and most Mac users swear they would never even think about using a PC. A Mac user will tell you how easy to use they are, and a big plus point with the Mac mini is that a whole bundle of useful software is included with it. Another advantage of Macs is that because they aren't as common as PCs, they aren't targeted as much by spyware or computer viruses.

See our Mac mini page for more

Name of Next Windows Version

Okay, so this is old news on the blogosphere now (well, about 3 days old), but in case you've been on holiday in Outer Mongolia, the name of the next version of Microsoft Windows will be Windows Vista. It's not a bad name, but we thought the code name, which was Windows Longhorn, was more intriguing. Windows Vista will be launched in 2006, and you can expect some very cool new graphics in the user interface. Why not buy yourself a flat screen monitor in preparation?

New Secured Loan Page

For those of you looking for a secured loan, we've added a new secured loan page.

Craig "Looks After" Anthony

Anthony gets as drunk as a skunk in the Big Brother house, and Craig steps in to "look after" him in his own very special way. More on our Big Brother News page.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Super Geek Eugene from Big Brother

If proof were needed that Eugene is a super geek, it was provided by today's Big Brother task where housemates had to use Morse Code - see our Big Brother News page for more.

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Dual Fuel Cookers

We've added a page on Dual Fuel Cookers, which offer gas hobs with electric fan ovens. See our electrical appliances index for other products.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Glorious Goodwood This Week

Racing fans will be aware that this week is Glorious Goodwood. Goodwood is amongst the most picturesque horse racing tracks in the country, set in the rolling Sussex Downs. If you like a flutter, you can put your money where your mouth is with BlueSq.

New Eminem Page

For the Slim Shady fans, we now have a new Eminem Page.

Google and Microsoft Launch Cool Map Services

Both Google and Microsoft have now launched mapping services which combine maps and satellite imagery:

Google Maps:

Microsoft MSN Virtual Earth:

Neat eh?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Big Brother Gift Choices

The Big Brother housemates had to perform a mime task today. On successful completion, Big Brother offered them a choice of gifts - alcohol and chocolates or beauty pack and the company of a real kitten for an hour or so. The cat won, so a cute fluffy grey kitten made a brief appearance on the show.

If you can't think of a gift for someone then try If that special someone likes animals then buyagift has plenty of options (see Other Activities/Animal Magic).

Monday, July 25, 2005

Anthony Missing Maxwell

Many of the current Big Brother housemates are a bit down. Anthony has said how much he has been missing Maxwell and Saskia. "If they were still here, it would be a stroll, I could stay here for ages," he said, "I could be down, but then Maxwell would crack a joke. He was a joker, but he knew when to be sensitive too".

At least hairdresser Craig has been more upbeat, "I don't want to be thinking that at least there are only three weeks to go. I want to enjoy my time here".

We guess it would be boring staying in a house with no music or dvds.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Orlaigh still struggling in Big Brother

Now that ghetto kid Science has gone, the Big Brother house seems very quiet. However, Orlaigh still seems to be feeling the pressure of being confined. The Northern Irish lass has continued to feel physically sick and has said that she may still have to walk if she has to spend much more time with certain people in the house, especially Derek, who she can't stand. We just think that Orlaigh is feeling a little lonely, not having any suitable male suitor within the house. Earlier today she had a long chat with Anthony in the bedroom, where she told the Geordie lad, "All I really need now is a big bear hug", in a blatant attempt to get a cuddle from him. Unfortunately for her, Anthony was having none of it, very much keeping his distance from her as he lay back on the bed. So Orlaigh had to find another activity to occupy herself, in this case, going off to do the dishes.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Big Brother - Orlaigh or Science?

It's set to be another close call in Friday's Big Brother eviction. Orlaigh has said she wants to go, and if she isn't evicted she'll walk out herself. Science is getting on the nerves of all the other housemates, so if it was down to them it would be no contest. More on our Big Brother News page.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Long Hot Summer by Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud were on CDUK this morning promoting their new single "Long Hot Summer". The track is typical of the high energy sound of the band, and has a video of the girls in overalls at a garage. The band was interviewed on CDUK by Jack Osbourne, who has now lost his long curly hair and glasses, and looks a lot better for it.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Out Now

As you may already know, the sixth book in the Harry Potter series, entitled "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was launched today at midnight. Testament to just how big the Harry Potter phenomenon has become is the fact that it had its own launch party at Edinburgh Castle, with thousands of cheering fans welcoming the mastermind author J.K. Rowling as she arrived in a Mercedes. The author went inside the castle to read an excerpt from the book.

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Vanessa Evicted from the Big Brother House

In one of the most dramatic evictions so far, Vanessa was voted out of the Big Brother House. More on our Big Brother News page.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

MP3 Players

There are now loads of mp3 players on the market, and currently we have 135 results for mp3 players in our online catalogue.

Big Brother Evictions on Friday

Big Brother evictions this Friday will be a break from the norm. All the housemates who did not make nominations (after Big Brother lied to them saying nominations this week were optional), will face the public vote - that's all the housemates except Anthony, Craig and Kemal. The two housemates that get the most public votes will then face a final vote by the housemates themselves to see who goes.

Currently in the Big Brother house Kemal is being a bit paranoid about his relationship with Makosi. He's hoping that Makosi will be his friend when he gets out. However, his constant relationship analysis is beginning to get to Makosi. More on our Big Brother News page.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Popular Mobile Phones in July 2005

Below are the UK mobile phone handsets that are currently proving popular:

Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
LG 8120
LG 8130
Motorola A1000
Motorola V3
Motorola V975
Samsung D500
Sony Ericsson K750i

Lying Big Brother

Big Brother has been telling lies to the housemates, telling them that this week, nominations are optional. More on our Big Brother News page.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oasis Live from Manchester on Channel 4

In case you haven't heard, Channel 4 is tonight showing coverage from the Oasis gig at the Manchester City ground. It airs from 11.10pm - 12.50am. Hear all their classic tracks plus songs from the new album Don't Believe the Truth.

Victory for Science in Big Brother

Science has beaten Maxwell in Friday's Big Brother eviction. Whilst the eviction of the popular Maxwell may have surprised some, his bullying and prank playing weren't popular with the girls, and this proved to be his downfall. Anthony and Craig weren't happy to see their pal go, with Craig sobbing in the toilet. More on our Big Brother News page.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London Wins 2012 Olympics

Congratulations to Lord Coe who has secured the 2012 Olympics for London. When asked after winning what he was going to do next he said, "Have a quiet beer, followed by 19 loud ones". Lord Coe's strategy of promoting London on the basis of it being the best candidate for getting youth involved in sport was a gamble that paid off. He said how he had visited the Olympic Stadium before the Munich Olympics and that had fuelled his dreams, and hopes that there will be British youngsters around the country training that little bit harder tonight in the knowledge that they could be competing in the London 2012 Olympics.

This is great news, and along with the Germany 2006 World Cup, gives us something else to look forward to.

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Makosi Asks for Pregnancy Test

After the hot tub episode with Anthony, Makosi has asked Big Brother for a pregnancy test kit. More on our Big Brother News page.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Big Brother Pool Party Gets Steamy

Things are certainly hotting up in the Big Brother House, with both Orlaigh and Makosi going after lucky Geordie Anthony in a pool party which featured very little clothing. View the latest mobiles at the Carphone Warehouse.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bill Gates at Live 8

We've been enjoying the Live 8 concert all day, and have of course signed the Live 8 list over at, although we haven't seen our names go across the stage yet. We have watched most of the coverage, highlights for us being Madonna's excellent performance, band of the moment The Killers and mesmeric guitarist Slash from Velvet Revolver.

Earlier in the day, Bill Gates introduced Dido. In case you don't know already, the Microsoft supremo is now doing a massive amount to fight the diseases that afflict the third world through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Nice one Bill. It's great to see one of the world's most influential businessmen adding his weight to improving world health.

Technorati Blog Tag: - do your bit

We've been watching the Live 8 coverage. Kofi Annan has just given a brief speech, and Miss Dynamite has followed him. Ricky Gervais is doing a good job of winding up fellow host Jonathon Ross. Band of the moment Keane have just arrived on stage.

It is a sad but true fact that most of the world's population live in dire poverty, so if you want to do your bit, sign the Live 8 list at You can also read the Make Povery History G8 Rally blog.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Joel Glazer talks about Man United

Joel Glazer has offered some reassurance to Man United fans, saying they will back Alex Ferguson with the funds needed to buy quality players. Read more at BBC Sport.

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